October Arts Month

Mention the word, “artist,” and many things come to mind. A man in a paint-stained smock and beret. A rock diva with a microphone. A brooding, melancholic figure with one ear.

Yet, that isn’t consistent with God’s concept of the word. We were all intended to be artists, to be creators of expression, narrators of the human condition. Unfortunately, we have forgotten this simple concept. It is like the little girl who asked her father what he did during the day, and he, being an art instructor, told her he taught people how to draw. “You mean, people forget?” was her honest reply.

What we seem to forget is that art is a deeply spiritual process—and we are deeply spiritual beings. It is much more so than any of us understand. The arts allow us an opportunity to pull back the curtain, to have our hearts quicken and be moved, to transcend ourselves. Such is the music of Bach, the paintings of Da Vinci, the writings of C. S. Lewis. And although the arts have been used for many other reasons, we believe God’s intention was that it ultimately point us back to Him. It is the same for all of beauty, whether it be a snow-capped mountain, or a crimson sunset, or the coo of a newborn baby. All creation ultimately points to the glory of God. For these reasons, at Oak Hills, we believe in the arts and believe in our artists.

During the month of October, Oak Hills will be celebrating the arts in a variety of ways. On Saturday, October 6, we held our annual Mosaic: A Night with the Arts, featuring some of the best of the arts at Oak Hills. This event was a benefit for the Twin Lakes Food Bank. Also, our Art & Soul gallery will display a variety of different art forms from different visual artists in our church. And on each Sunday morning in October, we will also have musicians performing between services. And we will also have a variety of worship artists painting throughout the services. All of these expressions are from artists from or related to Oak Hills.

We invite you to enter into the month of October, as well as into the art of the artists of our church.


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