Mid-Year Offering

We are thankful to God for His provision for us, and we are thankful to the Oak Hills Church family for your faithful and generous financial support for all that God is doing in and through our church.  Our mid-year offering this year is wonderfully different than many other mid-year offerings, because instead of just 10% of whatever is given going to ministries outside the walls of Oak Hills Church, this year about 66% of everything coming in will be directed outside of Oak Hills.

The Liberti Family

Our offering will be divided into three parts.  The first part will go towards our ministry partners, Oak Hillians Steve and Dawn Liberti, who are missionaries with Proclaim International and living in Germany.  As a way to help their children, Sophia and Bianca, continue to thrive in their new culture and to continue to adapt to a new language and life experience, we want to help the Liberties send their daughters to a school in their area.  We are excited about this “hands-on” involvement with our newest missionaries.

The second part of the offering will go to another one of our ministry partners, The Nehemiah Project in Manipur, India and their work to help educate, care for, and treat pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS as well as educate and care for HIV affected children.  This wonderful ministry is in some rather desperate need of more funding and we desire to do our part to help this ministry continue to spread the message of Christ and to meet the needs of an often neglected population.

Manipur 2012
© Katie Albert Photography

The third part of the offering will go towards paying down the principal of our mortgage.  This is all part of our long-term plan to completely pay off the mortgage as soon as we are able.  Every little bit helps!

As always, this is an “over-and-above” offering, which means that it is not meant to replace, but rather be in addition to, our regular giving to our church budget.  We encourage everyone who calls Oak Hills Church their home to take some time to consider as families and individuals what we can generously give to this offering.

The official date for receiving this offering is this Sunday, June 10th, but you can give your offering any time from now through the end of June.  In fact, this may be a great opportunity to jump on the website and try out our handy-dandy on-line giving.  Just click on the “give” tab at the top of the website and follow the instructions you find there.  If you have more questions on the on-line giving process, feel free to contact Rick Leary or Melinda Word at the church office.

Thanks for your willingness to sacrificially support the 2012 Mid-Year Offering!

In Christ,

Kent Carlson and Mike Lueken