Indoor Camp Out ~ Feb. 10/11

by Daniel Martin, Elementary Assistant, Children’s Ministries

This past weekend, January 14-16th, was Fusion Winter Camp for our Middle School and High School students. We went with four other churches up to Jenness Park to spend time in community with each other, to have fun, and to learn how to be people after God’s own heart. This was all beautifully achieved and the sea of students from different churches was a glorious sight, but as always, there was more going on below the surface.

One of the inconveniences of Jenness Park is the bad cell phone service, to be blunt: there is none! No service whatsoever; how terribly ancient of them to not have a cell tower nearby. How was I going to check Facebook? How was I supposed to keep up on the fun reality of the Kings never winning? How would I watch funny cat videos on YouTube? This was the scene that I would be living in for three WHOLE days!! The first night was annoying, the next morning was awkward, but by the afternoon, it was wonderful. Not only was I not constantly checking my phone, but none of the students were either, because we couldn’t. This was the sanctuary I had been longing for. Although there was Middle School girl drama and barf-y students, there was a sense of peace; a peace that only comes when there is no rush, no outside agenda, and no cat videos.

In a few weeks we will be hosting our 4th/5th Grade Indoor Campout. While not quite the same as Jenness Park, it has the potential to be. This is one of those just-for-fun nights. There’s no learning outcome, no objective, just good old fashioned “fake” camping fun, s’mores, and dumb camp songs. But beneath the surface, there is a larger story taking place. When we take time out of homework for a Friday night, and we ditch the Saturday morning soccer or basketball game, we are saying something; we are making an actual decision to admit that we run too fast and too hard and that it is okay to turn “off” sometimes.

February 10th/11th is right around the corner, so start turning those forms and flyers in, and grab a sleeping bag, flashlight, warm clothes, and toiletries to bring. Gaming and fun starts at 7:00 p.m. on the 10th and pickup is at 8:00 a.m. on the 11th.

Invite a friend, a neighbor, perhaps someone you’d like to know better. For more information contact me, Daniel Martin, and to sign up, grab a flyer at the Welcome Center or Spotlight Booth. See you at fake-camp!


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