December 3 Men’s Breakfast: A Different Kind of Experience

Your breakfast might look like this.

by Pastor Mike Lueken

There is an interesting story in the life of Joshua where he is praying and seeking God’s help and God says to him, “stand up, what are you doing down on your face?” (Joshua 7:10). Joshua’s confusion over a recent military defeat led him to pray. This makes sense. But God’s response was essentially to quit praying and take action. “Get busy living, or get busy dying” in the words of Andy Dufrane of Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption. Joshua then learned that one of the Israelites (Achan) had secretly sinned and this was the reason why the Israelites lost the battle.

It intrigues me to think that there are times when God grows weary of our praying and commands us to get off our knees and do something about the situation.

Recently in our Men’s Ministry we’ve been talking about this principle. We don’t need to hear another message on the kingdom of God. We don’t need to sit through another sermon. We don’t need another worship experience. We don’t need another small group discussion. The vast majority of us have ample knowledge about God and the way of His kingdom. We need, if you will, to stop praying and start doing. The time has come to engage the world in the power of the kingdom of God and see what happens. Perhaps (and I suspect so) the faith required to take concrete action in his name and the dynamic adventure of what follows will school us in the ways of the kingdom far more thoroughly than can be acquired in another “classroom” setting.

I’m excited about this principle turned loose in our Men’s Ministry. As we talk about this in our leadership meetings and at a recent men’s breakfast, my sense is that guys are ready to go out and “do something” for the sake of the kingdom. Obviously we can do this individually and many do so on a regular basis. But there is something fun and invigorating about bonding together with other guys and launching out in service for His sake.

Our Men’s Breakfast on December 3rd is going to be a different kind of experience, and I want to challenge any man who is reading this to take the risk and show up. We are going to do what we generally do at these breakfasts – eat. But then we are going to venture out in small teams and help some women in our church who live alone or who have lost their husband. In many ways, they are “forgotten” people in our midst even though they may not look like it. We are currently in the process of organizing teams and planning the projects we will complete at each home. Currently, we have about 40 men who have signed up to help. You don’t have to be an effective handy man to contribute. You don’t have to know what a hammer is. You simply have to be willing to carve out a few hours on Saturday, December 3rd to put your faith in action and serve someone else in the name of Jesus.

If anything in this piques your curiosity, send me an email at or give me a call, and I will help you become part of one of these teams. I am confident the sense of “doing something” in the name of Jesus will far outweigh the cost of time required.


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