Meet the Thomsons

1. How did you hear about Oak Hills?

Dave: Actually we met Pastor Kent when he first came to Folsom to start Oak Hills. He visited with us in our home in Orangevale and shared the vision of Oak Hills.

Sharon: Before moving away from the area in the late eighties, our family attended Community Bible Church. Several dear families we knew from CBC were starting a new church and meeting at a storefront here in Folsom. We met Kent and even attended services a few times before we moved.

2. How long have you been attending Oak Hills?

Dave: We have been attending on regular basis for the past four years after relocating back to Folsom. We did however attend Oak Hills for years when coming back to Folsom to visit.

Sharon: We moved back to Folsom four years ago and have been attending Oak Hills ever since.

3. What was your first experience upon coming?

Dave: I was greatly moved by the authenticity of the people…..I mean people they were (are) just so friendly, warm and real. Great experience!

Sharon: I have four top priorities on my list in choosing a church to be a part of. They are: 1. Is the word of God being preached from the pulpit? 2. Am I and others freely able to worship God through the music ministry? 3. Is the church body passionate about its children and young people? 4. Am I able to serve and use the spiritual gifts God has given me? I found all of these to be true here at Oak Hills, and my expectations have more than been exceeded. I believe one of my Spiritual Gifts is teaching, and I am especially thankful and humbled to be able to teach fourth and fifth grade children during Prime Time. Last year, David and I helped with the Faith Foundations Class, and this year we had nine very special kids in class who have come to mean a lot to us. I have learned so much from teaching and from these children.

4. When/how did you make a decision for Christ?

Dave: Years before I made a decision for Christ Sharon & I converted to Mormonism. We were married in the temple and active in that church. While living in Orangevale in late 1978, a young man who was visiting our neighbors stopped by to talk as I was working in our pasture. Little did I know he had just returned from a six month training program in “how to witness to the cults” We talked over a three day period……from those discussions I committed one year of study to prove or disprove Mormonism and prove or disprove Christianity. My study lead to a decision for Christ in 1980.

Sharon: God has had a hand on my life from a very early age. My grandpa died when I was five, and I still remember how he comforted me through this tremendous loss. It was not until a few years later as a young teen that I made the decision to ask Jesus to be my Savior. My family attended a Methodist church while I was growing up in Orangevale. Our pastor, Reverend Anderson, was also our youth minister with lots of ideas and fun things for us kids to do. He also had a gift of knowing in what areas a person lacked confidence and could see right through any facade that might be used to mask that insecurity. That was true of me and the questions I had about God and where I stood with Him. During a youth meeting, he turned to me and looked straight in my eyes and said, “Sharon, God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for you.” In total disbelief I said, “Even for me?” “Even for you, Christ died.” God spoke through Pastor Anderson, and I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ that day.

5. Where were you born and raised?

Dave:  I was born and raised in Folsom. In fact my family came from Norway in 1874 and settled on a 90 acre ranch in Salmon Falls. My great uncle Karl Thomson was the first shoemaker in Folsom. My great uncle Fred Wales was one of the original Wells Fargo agents in Folsom as well.

Sharon: I was born in Deadwood, South Dakota. When I was three, my parents decided to move to California and leave the cold, snowy winters. We lived in Hawthorne and Anaheim before moving to Orangevale when I was in the third grade. I attended Orangevale School through seventh grade, Pershing for eighth grade, and then Bella Vista High School. After graduation, I earned an AA Degree from, what was then, American River Junior College. It was while I was working at the Folsom A & W during college that I met David. We were married a short time later, and that was over forty-two years ago.

6. Family info……..

Dave: wife Sharon, daughter Trista, son Eric, son-in-law Charles, grandson Cole and granddaughter Lauren. Sharon and I have been married for 42 years.

Sharon: David and I were married in the same church that I attended as a child and where I became a Believer in Christ. We have two adult children, Trista and Eric, a wonderful son-in-law, Chuck, and two special grandchildren. Cole is nine, and Lauren turned four in January. Right now, we do not have any household pets. Both of us really enjoy cycling on the many bike trails we are so fortunate to have here in the area. It is such great exercise, and spending time outside is an added bonus. Traveling, cooking, and working in our yard are other things I love doing.

7. What are you currently reading?

Dave: I am reading “I Heard the Owl Call My Name” by Margaret Craven. The book was written in 1973 and is a story of a young vicar who is sent to a remote Indian village in rural Canada and it is here where he learns the true meaning of serving God and His people. This is powerful book which I highly recommend.

Sharon: Currently, I am reading Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart and Finding Divine Inspiration by J. Scott McElroy. My grandson just gave me a copy of a book he recently read and now wants me to read. It is The Red Pyramid and contains over 5oo pages!

8. If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?

Dave: You would find me living and traveling throughout France.

Sharon: Here on Earth, I would love to be vacationing in Europe, especially France, Scotland, and Ireland. We just finished watching the Tour de France for three weeks, and it reminded me of how much I would enjoy visiting the familiar, and not so familiar, sites there again. The hills in Scotland are gorgeous, and the Irish countryside and people are amazing.

9. Tell us something people would be surprised to know about you.

Dave: I am a Certified Pro Level Bicycle Mechanic and have recently opened a Bicycle Repair Shop in Folsom. I repair all types of bicycles and gladly accept bicycles which I can service, repair and donated to a variety of ministries and charities.

Sharon: Someday, I would love to write a children’s book and have it published. I have also thoughts at the back of my mind about owning and running a Bed and Breakfast.

10. Thing you are most proud of.

Dave: Most obviously I am proud of my family all of whom are followers of Christ. I am really proud to serve here at Oak Hills by teaching 4/5 grade Sunday School and Faith Foundations along with my wife. It is such a blessing to have an opportunity to work with kids and share Christ with them!

Sharon: That would by my family–my husband, son, daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren. I love them all so much!

11. My 15 Minutes of Fame occurred when…

Dave: I gave a presentation in Washington D.C. to the American Hospital Association on Quality Management Through Integration of Facilities Services Departments in Acute Healthcare.

Sharon: That would have to be during my college graduation ceremony when my husband and son walked with me across the stage, so we all could receive my Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Credential together. As an older adult returning to school, I wanted to thank them for all of the support, love, and hard work it took for the whole family to help me realize a lifelong dream and goal.

12. Any fears (irrational or otherwise)?

Dave: Riding my bicycle down the Costco hill here in Folsom and having my brakes fade away……..

Sharon: I have great concerns for children today, especially those who do not attend church regularly, and all of the things they are exposed to in our society. It is so important for them to know what and why they believe and to build a solid foundation for their faith early in their lives. That is why I am so excited and passionate about being able to serve in Prime Time, assist in teaching Faith Foundations, and participate in Arts Camp.

13. My favorite verse:

Dave: Romans 5.5: “And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us.”

Sharon: “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6. Other favorites are Philippians 4:6-7 and Psalm 119:105, which is the Pioneer Girl scripture, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”


One thought on “Meet the Thomsons

  1. Dave and Sharon, You guys are terrific teachers! THanks for all you do !
    If only I had read this article last week…I just took a broken kid’s bike to Goodwill. I should have brought it to you. I will share with my neighborhood about your bike repair ministry!

    Lynn Bell

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