. . . A Conversation between Stephenie Carr, our Missional Living Director, and Susan Carr, a Client Advocate at Alternatives Pregnancy Center.

Who are you and how long have you been coming to Oak Hills, relationship to Oak Hills (used to be on staff, where you ser ve now, etc)? I am your mother-in-law and have been coming to Oak Hills for 16 years now, 3 of which I served on staff .

How did you first hear about or get involved with Alternatives? I have long been aware of Pregnancy Centers and been drawn to be of help in some way but finally gave in to God’s nudging when I heard the Sacramento Center was opening their first satellite office in Folsom.  I then went through the required training and became a client advocate.  Our office opened (with Pastor Kent providing the Invocation at our Grand Opening Celebration) in May of 2010.

What about this ministry made an impact on you? While going through training in the Sacramento office, I was deeply impacted by the men and women on staff, as well as the volunteers, who have such passion for this ministry.  Consequently, I too have become passionate about not only the unborn, but about educating parents and their teens in the area of prevention, and for those women who have had abortions and need emotional healing.  Alternatives have programs to help in all these areas.

How are you involved with them now? Currently, I serve as receptionist and client advocate for the Folsom APC on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  I also am the liaison (along with you, Steph) between Oak Hills and the Center.

What exactly is it that they offer the community? Alternatives serve the community in 3 areas:

PREVENTION: APC offers Sexual Health and Integrity seminars to combat the fast rise of STD’s,  promote sexual integrity, and empower individuals to make healthy life choices.

INTERVENTION: APC offers free pregnancy tests and a safe, non-judgmental, and confidential place to explore options on parenting, adoption and abortion (risks and procedures) so that informed choices can be made.

RECOVERY: APC offers a safe, confidential approach to healing after abortion.  (Please see our bulletin on an upcoming Bible Study and retreat.)

What is something you wish everyone knew about them? I want everyone to know that Alternatives is such a loving organization — non-political, and truly non-judgmental.  The staff and volunteers offer such care and support to all who enter their doors.   And if our clients choose parenting, our help just begins for them.  We support them by offering parenting classes (P411) where they can earn ‘Mommy and Daddy Bucks’ for purchases in our Baby Nook until their baby is one year old – invaluable for clients that find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy!!

How would you encourage others to get involved? First of all, spreading the word about Alternatives Folsom office would be so appreciated!  Next, we need Client Advocates!!  This requires going through a few hours of training but is so worth the education alone.  In addition we can always use items for our Baby Nook, especially diapers and wipes.  And of course, Oak Hillians can become Life Giving Partners by helping financially.  We have an annual Gala Dinner and Silent Auction held in the fall and in May, come join us on our Walk for Life at Maidu Park in Roseville.  For Info on these and other events, visit us online at  Finally, we need prayerful support for both centers, that we can make a difference for Christ through this ministry.

Other thoughts? A big thank-you to Oak Hills Church for spreading the word about Alternatives and making them a ministry partner.  I want to invite each and every one of you to come visit and tour our facility.  We are currently open Tuesday through Thursday, 9-4.  Our address is 381 S. Lexington Ave. Suite 102.   Hope to see you there!


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