Father/Daughter Dance

by Jeanna Robertson

Samantha, Brian & Andrea

When I think about the Father/Daughter Dance, I think of it as one of the joys that light up my daughter’s eyes and is a something she looks forward to each year.  It’s a night of getting dressed up, going out to dinner, and spending a little “daddy-daughter time.” Recently, as I was reminiscing about past dances, it became clear that it was so much more.

As a mom, it brings me pure joy knowing that from a young age, my daughter is able to experience joy, love, and adoration from the “main” man in her young life – her dad.  It might seem weird, but on the night of the Father/Daughter Dance, her daddy is able to set a wonderful example, and give my daughter a solid foundation on which to build her own self-worth.  It starts with her getting dressed in her fancy dress – out of sight from Daddy.  Next, she is picked up for her “date” and driven to the restaurant of her choice.  When they arrive at the dance, the two of them walk in arm-in-arm to enjoy the rest of this special evening.

Samantha has attended the dances with Brian each year she has been able.  She waits with anticipation for the dance, and every year after the dance, she asks when she will get to do it again.  These experiences have made a lasting impression on her.

This year will be more even joyous in my house; Brian will proudly bare a beautiful princess on each arm.  Our youngest daughter, Andrea, is now old enough to join Brian, and she has been looking forward to it for months.  Her face just beams when we talk about it coming up.  She has heard and seen the impact it has had on her sister and cannot wait to have her time with Daddy!  Not only will this be Andrea’s first Father/Daughter Dance, but this year, she gets to pick the restaurant and she can’t wait! It truly makes the evening even more special.

I think the dinner beforehand makes the night just that much more special.  It gives them alone time to laugh and be silly together.  Once the dance starts, the girls may prefer to run and dance with their friends or do crafts, but I think that’s okay.  It won’t take away from the wonderful moments, no matter how brief, the girls will share with their dad that night.

Brian and I both understand that these early years are crucial in our daughters’ formation.  In a culture that puts pressure on families and invites girls to grow up fast, it is good to enjoy family and demonstrate a healthy father-daughter relationship — not to mention being able to demonstrate the way men ought to treat women.  We are humbled to be a part of a church that recognizes this and provides such meaningful experiences for our family.

Editor’s Note:  Our Father/Daughter Dance is Friday, January 14 from 6:30-8:30 pm.  The cost is $12/couple and $5 for each additional daughter.  Buy tickets at the Welcome Center on Sundays or contact Colleen Gray, our Children’s Ministries Director, at 983-0182 x31.

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