That’s Family !

This past Thanksgiving was a first for the Rothenburgs. Not that Thanksgiving was a first, but rather for the first time in our 28 years together, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house for our extended family – 16 of us, to be exact. A mish-mosh of four generations plus some future in-law family members. I thought I might be nervous about hosting this big dinner, but actually, it was fun.  I could hardly wait to set the dining room table, forcing myself to do it a bit at a time over the course of a few days, not because there was so much to do, but because I didn’t want any dust to gather on the dishes and goblets for the big day.

Finally, the big day arrived, and the most wonderful thing happened, as the doorbell rang time and time again. Person after person walked into our house, arms filled with their part of our meal – the carved turkey, the mashed potatoes, the candied yams, the herbed stuffing, the creamy gravy, the green salad, and some delectable pies, cupcakes and brownies.  Crock-pots lined our kitchen counter like electric soldiers lined up for duty, keeping warm our culinary creations in steamy, bubbly yummy-ness until feasting time.  As we each made our way through the buffet line to fill our plates and sat down around the table to enjoy the food, I was struck with how wonderful this meal was. Yes, the food was good, and yes, it was nice to be gathered with family and friends. But the most wonderful part to me was how everyone had contributed to the meal by what they brought. Everyone did their part, which left no one person with all the work, and even more so, it gave us all the joy of contributing to the whole.  That’s FAMILY!

At Oak Hills, we value being a “family” together.  You may have read about this in Pastor Kent’s recent Reality Check.  As a church family, it’s a joy that we get to come together in so many different ways to contribute to the whole – the church we love. Whether it’s being in a small group, serving in a ministry or giving financially to support the ministry of Oak Hills and our partners, the church belongs to each person who makes their home with us, of which Jesus Christ is the head.  That’s why we’re asking each individual and family to participate in our upcoming year-end offering. It’s a great and important opportunity to gather around the church we love as a family and savor the goodness of doing this together. The goal for this over-and-above offering is $100,000, which we believe to be totally doable if we all come together and do our part.  And as always, 10% of what comes in will be given to compassion ministries outside the walls of Oak Hills (this year it be divided between Powerhouse Ministries in Folsom and Restoration Ministries in Brazil). We’ll be receiving this special offering in our services on Sunday, December 19th. Would you prayerfully consider what God would have you contribute to this offering? This Christmas, we encourage you make giving a generous and sacrificial gift to the work of God happening at and through Oak Hills Church part of your family plans. Merry Christmas!


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