When No One Notices…

L to R: Tech Team members Karen Bredahl, Teri Wegemer, Daniel Martin, Karl Pedroni

by Manuel Luz
Creative Arts Pastor

First of all, I’m using a sports analogy today.  If you can’t relate, just skip to the third paragraph.

First game of the season, and my team got killed. No, I won’t tell you which one. If I told you, you’d either ridicule me or take pity on me, and neither one makes me feel any better. The problem is obvious—our offensive and defensive lines stink.  The O-line isn’t blocking well.  The D-line is getting pushed around.  And the cliche is true—the battle is won in the trenches.  But blocking isn’t one of those obvious things that fans look for.  We like to watch the running backs and the quarterbacks and the receivers, the guys who seemingly make the ball move down the field.  We only notice the linemen when something goes wrong.  And this is where the analogy works.

At Oak Hills, we have a group of highly talented, behind-the-scenes volunteers, some of whom have been serving Oak Hills for 25 years.  What they do is essential to every service, every event, practically everything we do.  But you almost never notice them.  They serve in the trenches. They are our Tech Team, the technical artists who run our sound, lighting, camera, and multimedia.  Frankly, nothing can happen on stage without them illuminating, shining, and amplifying the rest of us.  They serve faithfully and unassumingly, and when they do an amazing job, no one notices.

The question I’d like to ask you is, would you want this to be you?

IMPACT, our arts and worship ministry, is currently seeking people interested in serving God through the technical and performing arts. IMPACT is looking for people who have an interest and/or abilities in sound (you like to play with the car stereo), theatrical lighting (you know how to turn on the front porch light), multimedia (you’re a whiz on Powerpoint), or camera (you often use your cell phone camera).  We invite you to join us at a Tech Team Training Day on Saturday, September 25th, from 9 am until noon, where I’ll be bringing donuts and we’ll be giving people a cursory look at what it is we do.  We’re also always interested in talking to you if you sing, play an instrument, paint or are involved in the visual arts, or edit video and/or audio.

Not yet convinced?  Here are four more reasons: (1) The Tech Team has some of the funnest people on the planet; (2) When you serve, you get the best seat in the house; and (3) You learn the secret handshake and get a special key to the Tech Booth.  And best of all, (4) when you serve well, no one notices…but God.

For more information, or to sign up for our Tech Training Day, email me at manuel.luz@oakhills.org<mailto:manuel.luz@oakhills.org>.


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