Men’s Steak Night – September 11 @ 6:30 pm

Before the coin toss, before the kickoff, before 15:00 turns into 14:59, there is the “moment.”  Regardless of the situation, this moment creates more goose bumps and has a greater impact than any other moment of the game.  It’s the moment where the team runs out onto the field.  This is the moment where everyone is together — starters, benchwarmers, coaches, trainers, and even that guy that isn’t going to play if everybody gets hurt and he’s the last one on the bench.  The tunnel moment is everybody’s moment.  From Turkey Bowls to Super Bowls, how you run out of that tunnel makes a huge difference.  And it’s that time for Men’s Ministry here at Oak Hills.

As we approach the beginning of the ministry year, the Men’s Ministry at Oak Hills is gearing up to run out of the tunnel.  Steak Night  is our tunnel moment.  It’s where we bang helmets, it’s where we remind ourselves who we are doing this for, and what our goal is.  It’s our chance to take the field together, screaming and jumping and ready to do whatever God calls us to this year.

Steak Night 2010 is approaching quickly, and we have some great things planned for the evening:  a number of men have been praying and working on the program for a couple of months now, so we believe there are some God-led challenges in store for all who attend. We are planning an evening with a time for lively worship, a challenging message and a time for response around the tables. Three of our own men who have been part of the prayer process will be sharing what God has been teaching them about  Men’s Ministry and how it has impacted their lives. The message is coming out of things God has challenged them with and the things they have learned about the transformation process. Don’t miss what these guys have to say.

The other key aspect of the evening is gathering small groups together and seeking to reach the men of Oak Hills. If you attend Oak Hills and have not been invited yet,  let me encourage you to come by the Welcome Center this Sunday (September 5) and get a ticket. This is an invitation for you to learn more about  Men’s Ministry and get acquainted with other men.  This will be a great opportunity to meet other men and make a connection. Small group leaders, the pastors, and members are reaching out to encourage every man who calls Oak Hills home to come on September 11 for this timely message.

The menu will include a great steak, potato, corn, and assorted other fixings cooked by Jim Wilkes and his team. For those who do not eat steak, we will grill chicken to provide an alternative. The evening is open to all men high school age and up.  Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in the lobby on Sundays or e-mail   So sign-up now!  They’re singing the National Anthem, our moment is almost here.


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