LPs, 8 TRACKs, CASSETTE TAPEs, CDs, . . . CHANGING TIMES By Sharon Richards, Communications

Indicator # 1: The Ohio PlayersSteely DanThe Jackson 5.  These are just a few of the artists that have albums in a dusty carton box in my garage. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these things. Maybe I’ll hold on to them for another ten years to see if they’ll be worth anything. Or maybe they’ll end up in the grey dumpster for Wednesday pickup. Technology has passed them by. Times have changed. It’s a new day.  And a new era.

Indicator # 2: I’m a New York Giants fan. Always have been. So, when I say “LT,” I’m referring to Lawrence Taylor who (despite his self-destructive behavior) is still considered to be one of the greatest defensive players in the history of football. But, when I say “LT” these days, my teenage son immediately thinks of LaDainian Tomlinson, the record-breaking running back. Times have changed. It’s a new day.  And a new era.

Which brings me to the subject at hand. As more and more people are using electronic media for information, we recognize that we need to make some changes as well. We are expanding how we communicate with you in ways we’re very excited about. So, you’ll be seeing some changes over the next few weeks.

Webpage: Our webpage, the primary source for information, was recently given an updated look. Everything you always wanted to know about Oak Hills is there, including new blogs, updated photos and polls, and our Reality Check, which you usually read in this bulletin.

Bulletin: Our Sunday Bulletin will be streamlined. Smaller size. More concise.The “Reality Check” can now be accessed through our webpage.

eCorn: Our weekly eCorn is also being revamped. It will no longer be weekly since much of the information it contained could be found in the bulletin. We will continue to send eVites, which are, essentially, electronic reminders. They’ll keep you posted on important information, upcoming events, etc. So, if you’d like to sign up, go to the church website, look for “Contact Us” under the Get Connected tab and click on “Electronic Newsletter/Reminders.”

Facebook: While there are certainly valid concerns about social networking,  Oak Hills’ profile page has proven to be an effective way to communicate with our congregation and a great tool for connecting people within our church. So, if you are a Facebook-er, search for our church name and “LIKE” us.

Times have indeed changed.  It is a new day.  And a new era.  Yet, not much has changed in some ways.  It just has a new face.  🙂

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